Wednesday, May 21, 2008

hey everyone this will be my first blog so I hope you enjoy it. My first topic of discussion is how to make money online, and a great way to start is to set up a blog. The way it works is you write about anything is interesting, something that people will click on. Then you put ads up on your blog and when people read your blog they see the add, and when clicked on you get money.
so step one is: go to and set up an account (really easy...hey i did it) just follow the instructions and the rest is history.
step 2: set up an account with adsense. you'll find a link to it on your dashboard page(you'll find it). once you apply you'll have to confirm your email and then wait a couple days so that they can run through your application.
step 3: KEEP POSTING... post about whatever it is that you want and the more the better. good luck
NOTE: I know I'm being very generic but this is my first blog so bare with me, however there are great in depth videos that I highly recomend you look into. you can find these posted videos on google video. Happy Blogging:)